APShaveCo SynBad 24mm Synthetic

The latest synthetic knot to hit the streets...

I will repeat the site description as based on my initial use it's very accurate:

The newest knot in the APShaveCo collection - the SynBad knot! I had two goals with this knot 1) getting the closest imitation to badger in appearance yet and 2) providing consumers with a knot that had a great splay. This knot solves the problem many have with the Tuxedo not being able to splay easy, and its the most beautiful knot in my collection. The tips are on par with the cashmere, the splay is one of the best out of all my knots, and the backbone is a bit less than that of the tuxedo (enough for easier splay)

It cost me c£21 including postage. The value declared on the package was $20CDN, so no RM / HMRC ransom to pay

Initial thoughts are it's a very sound brush indeed. Dimensions are:
  • Handle Height: 64mm
  • Handle Diameter (base): 30mm
  • Knot Diameter: 24mm
  • Effective Loft: 58mm
The handle is made out of a predominantly dark green resin with coloured swirls. Although it is cast in a mould, rather than turned, the finish is flawless

The knot has a new colour scheme of white over brown. As mentioned earlier, the maker states it's as soft as a Cashmere, but with more backbone, but not on a level with the Tuxedo. To add another dimension of my own, the tips are marginally softer than a Plissoft, but with more backbone. Apart from being a little softer, I see this knot as being similar to Muhle / EJ. For those using YaQi brushes note the higher loft and absence of any glue bump which gives this brush different attributes. In use the brush as well as being very comfortable, is a real lather machine, both in bowl and on face. Definitely a keeper for me

It is indeed a nice looking knot. He stated that the Tuxedo is not easy to splay which is totally & completely solved with a fan shaped Tuxedo per my experiences having used both. However, for whatever reason few brush makers offer the fan shaped one. Perhaps fewer face latherers than bowl latherers? o_O

Regardless, great review. ;)

Thanks for that review Sean; that knot certainly sounds ideal for my tastes ie splays fairly easily, right size and loft, little glue bump. I have the Tuxedo and the Cashmere from this maker and I like them both the cashmere especially so.

I have just ordered one with the white/black marble effect handle. Thanks for including the handle height, I just measured my RazoRock Plissoft with the similar barber style handle and it's the same height which for me is rather big, hence I choose the shorter handle.

Really liking the look of the AP SilkSmoke with faux marble white handle. Would be a nice change from my 3 black synth handles.
I have that exact brush in 24mm. It's a good solid performer, although note that the handles being moulded they don't have the clean cut lines that turned ones have

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