BBA Pre-Shave Oil

Good Morning All,

I'd like to invite you to try the BBA Shave Oil, for free.

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Retailing at GBP 24.00 the BBA Shave Oil an be used as a Pre-shave oil or a stand alone shaving product. Due to its high grade ingredients the oil can also be used as a beard oil or even a facial oil. The BBA Shave Oil protects against the razor during even the toughest shaves.

Key Ingredients for our Shave Oil are:

Prickly Pear Seed Oil : One of the worlds most expensive beauty oils in the world which helps to aid in skin rejuvenation and removing dark spots; Easily penetrates the skin and has a high anti-oxidant level; Great for calming skin irritation.

Hemp Seed Oil : Rich in fatty acids which protects and helps repair dried cracked skin that is prone to irritation or blemishes.

Dragon's Blood ( Sangre de Drago ) : Strong and powerful anti-oxidant; Regenerates the skin by promoting collagen formation; More efficient than Vitamin E and different forms of Vitamin C.

Argon Oil: High in Vitamin E to hydrate and soften the skin; Contains anti-oxidants to aid in anti-ageing and reduce appearance of wrinkles

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the BBA Shave Oil, do get in touch if you'd like to sample it.

Kind Regards,

My full size tester arrived yesterday. Its about 50ml & has a pump dispenser.

Use the exact same setup yesterday without the oil, it was a very average shave, never used bic blades before, it was a tuggy shave & not particularly close.

Today added in the BBA SO.
Immediately applied after showering, a single pumped amount onto my damp hands & rubbed well into beard & face.

The product got to sit for a few minutes while I loaded the brush. When I wetted my face to start face lathering the oil had been absorbed into the skin, it did not feel greasy at all, unlike other shave oils I've used.

The result was an easy, close, comfortable shave. Totally different from yesterday.
One of my best shaves this year, note I was ready to bin the blade yesterday!

I was a bit of a pre-shave oil sceptic, having used myrsol emulsion (additional slickness to the 1st pass then gone, great post shave though) & cheap supermarket shave oils (smell nice, leaves the sink very messy, no discernable difference to the shave). I could happily live without them.

This has turned me around, I thought it was wildly overpriced & asked for a sample more out of curiosity, fully expecting to conclude that the £1 oil from Wilco does the same job & don't bother.

Totally wrong. This is a very good product, for me & my skin type.

Thanks @Emma C. for the chance to try it.
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Dear @JayGee , I'm glad to hear you've changed your opinion about Shave Oil. Hydration is the key to a great shave!

Thank you for taking the time to share your views with us.

I hope the BBA Shave Oil finds a permanent spot in your shave ritual!

Let us know what you think of it again in a few shaves time, would love to know how you're getting on with it.

Happy Shaving.
Dear @JayGee , I'm glad to hear you've changed your opinion about Shave Oil. Hydration is the key to a great shave!

Thank you for taking the time to share your views with us.

I hope the BBA Shave Oil finds a permanent spot in your shave ritual!

Let us know what you think of it again in a few shaves time, would love to know how you're getting on with it.

Happy Shaving.
Thank you, will post a follow up in a week or so.
Many thanks to @Emma C. from BBA for sending on a full size sample of the BBA Shave and Beard Oil to try and review.

I use a pre-shave oil/cream most days, typically Proraso (Green) Pre-shave cream, Village Barbour Pre-Shave Oil or the Gentlemans Groom Room Pre Shave +.

The BBA Shave and Beard Oil arrived on Friday, I have shaved with in on Saturday and Sunday. First, the packaging, was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the packaging and the product brochure which accompanied the oil. This created a good first impression of a quality brand, and following using the Oil, I can say that the first impression definitely lived up to expectations.

On both Saturday and Sunday, loaded a Hone 15 with a Gillette 7 O'Clock Yellow, hot shower, Wright's Cold Tar Soap, and lathered up with L'Occitane Cade Cream Shave.

The BBA Shave and Beard Oil did not disappoint. Excellent lubrication and protective layer. Having shaved almost exclusively with the Hone 15 and a Feature or Gilette 7 O'Clock Yellow for the last 2 - 3 weeks, I can honestly say I have noticed a positive difference on adding the BBA Shave Oil to my routine over the last 2 days: a noticeably smother and closer shave, with 2 passes.

The BBA Oil is similar in texture and feel to the Village Barbour Shave Oil (which I have started to use since the turn of the year). Easily absorbed into the skin. After the shave, no oily or greasy feeling - it works well with the lather - leaving my skin clean and irritation free.

Some of the ingredients in the Oil are new to me, such as Prickly Pair and Dragon's Blood. I get the sense that BBA have done their home work and produced a well researched and innovative oil, which works very well (I appreciate that YMMV).

The BBA is likely to be a keeper for my in my rotation, assuming that my good experiences over the last 2 shaves continues. £24.00 for the oil seems reasonable for a quality product, which for me contributes to an excellent, close, comfortable, irritation free shave.

Many thanks to Emma for the chance to try. Given my feelings over the Oil, I am now going to look at other products from the BBA range!

I hope that others can get a chance to try - I would be interested to hear what other users of BBA Shave Oil think!

All the best,

I too received a full size BBC shave/beard oil from Emma C.
Thank you Emma.!
I used it for the first time yesterday.
Applied to face and massaged in for around a minute.
It was immediately obvious that this product is world's apart from Somerset shaving oil and the like.
It was actually a pleasure to apply, and the scent is very pleasant too!
I used Palmolive cream for a three pass shave, and I could feel slickness and extra glide on all three passes.
I dare say I could have not used a post shave balm and still felt hydrated, the oil seems to "feed" your skin.
A little goes a long way, and I think it's priced apporiately.
I have seen the light and won't be using cheap oils in future!

Many thanks again Emma
Dear Paul.
Many thanks for your feedback.
I think its very important to note here the amount of time, and expertise that have gone into creating the BBA Shave Oil, and actually every product in the range.
These products and the ingredients in them are what makes them so great. They've been created and formulated using elite British industry knowledge and experience. This is what sets us apart from the cheap oils you mention.

They are created to do exactly what you have mentioned above and to offer the best results time and time again.

Dear Chris,
Many thanks for your feedback. I'm glad to hear our Shave Oil did not disappoint.
Give our award winning, post shave balm a go if you haven't already. Will bring the shave to a close and instantly protect the skin from the elements.
Emma, the Post Shave is quite possibly the star of the show,...many more reviews of your products on "Shave Of The Day"
I have now been using the BBA Shave oil for a few weeks. Thank you so much @Emma C. for your generosity.
I must be honest I am finding this product truly outstanding.
It certainly improves glide and perhaps more importantly appears to hydrate the skin.
I have never previously considered using any oil as a pre-shave but am now finding I cannot do without it.
My concerns have always been about the mess it could create with my razors, brushes and bathroom etc but I have found this product does not create any unwelcomed residue as such.
I have also applied this product the night before my morning shave after a face wash.
I applied it around an hour before going to bed, giving it enough time for the oil to absorb into my skin.
I am definitely finding a difference already with my skin. It certainly has rejuvenating qualities that I was not really expecting.
This product is fantastic. I also had a sachet of the post shave balm and I absolutely loved it.
Top marks from me, congratulations on an amazing product.


Thank you so much for the trial of the shaving oil. Sorry for taking so long to post but been busy with one thing and another.
Anyhow back to the oil. I currently use a pre-shave oil or cream prior to every shave as I have very sensitive skin so I feel I was well placed to review the product.

Having used the oil for a few weeks and testing on various stages of growth this oil really does work wonders the amount of additional glide and protection it provides it truly outstanding and the added bonus of hydrating the skin as well.

I was worried in using a non water based oil that it would clog the razor up and leave a right old mess in the sink how wrong was I.

Once my current oil come to end I know where I will be going.

Great product and head and shoulders above anything else on the market that I have used and I have used a few!!!