Best pre-shave

What are peoples opinions on what is the best pre-shave?

I use proraso pre-shave cream and really enjoy it. But if there is something that is far better out there I would love to hear peoples opinions. I used to use pre-shave oils a lot but they're too messy and I find they clog the razor.
Totally agree! I’ve used Nuage shave oil but it’s nowhere near as good as the Proraso.

The BBA shave oil is worth a try though - I found that good too!
I occasionally use Nuage shave oil too,but my go to Pre-shave is Pears Transparent Glycerin Soap..It comes in 3-4 different fragrances, it doesn't last very long, but for what it costs, you can stock up on it,the Glycerin within the soap, gives a great slickness & protection...Give it a try.
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