Bowl or face

I bowl lather. I do this to ensure that I get a good consistency of lather for each shave. I also find that I get less irritation and ingrown hairs when I just paint the lather on, as opposed to scrubbing my face to lather up. YMMV.
My face doesn’t take too well to scrubbing anything against it. This is why I will use a gentle face wash as opposed to an abrasive one like a scrub / exfoliating wash. I also get less irritation painting lather on. Because I don’t really scrub the lather on, terms like ‘splay’ and to a degree ‘backbone’ are lost on me. But yes, I too like to make lather in a bowl, and to apply it gently with nice soft brush tips.

Just try it, use any old bowl, you’ve nothing to lose, and if you like it, get yourself a nice handmade bowl when you feel like it
I'm new to all this brush malarkey, and I find I get a nicer (was going to say better, but at my level it's all rather subjective) lather texture in the bowl, but when I face lather I get a fantastic fragrance hit. Using the soaps and creams I have managed to accrue so far, there doesn't seem to be an appreciable difference in the end result between face and bowl. So I just do what I feel like in the moment and enjoy the process.
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I face lather every work day morning with an Arko stick. I get the absolute best lather (which is amazing) when I face lather that soap.

Everything else on the weekends, I use a bowl and a soap in puck form. For some reason I get the best soap from pucks when I bowl lather them. I'll soon force myself to learn face lathering with a "normal" soap, so I can rotate them in on work days.

This is with a synthetic Tuxedo knot.
Once I 've worked up a lather in a bowl then I'll apply and work in to my face. Not quite got the hang of this face lathering so I'll stick to what I'm happy with.

Even in a bowl I still struggle to reduce all the product in the case of croaps. I always remain having a small amount which refuses to wave the white flag in the face of the water. Often think, 'could you actually face lather with this stuff?'
It's a Blackbird, I would reach for it before anything else so I thought what's the point in keeping everything else. If I want a change I'll swap soaps and splash. We'll see how it goes anyway.
I assume that's a DE, I have little knowledge of those razors though I like using mine, I only have one a DE89. I only bought it to ease my way into straight razors. I do like that Edwin Jagger but have gone nuts buying straights, well sort of only into the 20's at present.