Brush for a newbie

Hello All,
I think I'm getting the hang of lathering now, a few youtube vids made me realise that I was using far too little water. I'm just realising the protection that a proper lather gives following many, many liberal applications of alum......
Now I am firmly of the opinion that I need a new brush. I am using an Omega boar which I paid about £4 for. Given that I bought a Feather razor, I really should invest more. The Omega feels like a pasty brush. I understand that the synthetics are as good as anything now?
Ideally I'd like something around 120mm long, a classic look. I'm naturally drawn to a Simpson, and the number 59 in particular but that's for non shaving reasons.
It's £100 though, so a non starter.
I have looked at the ATS and Yuqi offerings, but I really don't like the look of those. A knot was an option I considered but reasonably priced handles seem hard to come by. Looking at around the £60 mark.
Any advice please?
Thanks in advance!
I use only synths. I’m sure the badger set(t) will chime in soon. You don’t have to spend £60 on a synth. You could get an AP Shave Co or Razorock for £20 or less, or a Muhle STF for £40 odd, though I’m really not sure they’re worth double the likes of AP & RR.

I haven’t used either of these but I believe Stirling and Vie-Long synths are pretty good too
Lol Yuqi offerings, was that intentional ? I agree they aren't very nice and their logo is a major put off for me . If it's a synth your after I think the fine accoutrements do a nice synth at a reasonable price. I only have 2 brushes, I really enjoy them but they are a bit over priced, a wolf whiskers synth but they are not readily available and a Simpson chubby 2 manchurian sapphire but at £315 thats a bit steep, if it's badger I would recommend the SV 2.0 I had one of these and they are brilliant , my only reason for selling it was buying the Simpson. There about half the price of my Simpson. A lot of people rate the maseto can't say I've tried one but at the price they do seem good value for money, sure they'll be lots of different advice and options for you to look into
If you want a synthetic, I'd recommend a Muhle (or from memory Edwin Jagger - same knot, different handle) Silvertip Fibre in XL.

The other decent (for me) synthetic option would be a Simpson - you could get a Duke in your price range.

The only Badger option in your price range I could recommend would be a Maseto 2-band - check them out here:

If you "just" want a handle, I would highly recommend Doug Korn - he turns some magnificent handles and I believe they are (just) in your price range:

And if you want something that makes you really happy, get a Paladin ;)
I like those Doug Korn handles, but with import duty etc it'll end up costing me too much I reckon.
What do you think of this Maesto;
Looks right, nice and tall. Not sure how good the brushy bit is though, which I the main point I suppose!
I have had 2 Maseto's (both larger, than the one you posted, gifted one to a young member of our Australian forum) and both have stellar knots for the price point - dense with backbone, yet very soft tips. The handles are also solid and look much better, than the price would suggest.

All synthetic brushes besides the Muhle/EJ and Simpson knots I used, were very soulless for me as a badger be honest even those 2 lack the presence of a natural hair brush, but at least they have some sort of face feel...