Brush handles only

Trying my luck with a handle from a chunk of bubinga again. Tools are drill plus wet&dry, no lathe so from a chunk of wood I am going for a chunk of wood with rounded corners as simple as that. Drilling a hole for knot was a pain but finally managed 30 mm wide and 15 mm deep and pretty straight without starting a fire just plenty of smoke :)
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Work in progress

re finish Soaked in raw linsseed oil, turned rather dark but hopefully also impregnated so water will be no problem, still needs coats of boiled linsseed oil and maybe wax.

re loft Tested different heights and for this 30mm or maybe 32mm knot my favourite is a loft of 58mm, lower and knot gets too dense hogging lather, also works with my OCD :) loft 58mm equals handle height 58mm
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