Brushes are important!

Ì have only 2 brushes. One Simpson Grosvenor, mixed bristle and badger, the other a Mùhle synthetic travel brush.. The Simpson is great, easily making wonderful lather. I decided to use the Mùhle synthetic and was shocked at the difference! Poor lather, little cushion etc, resulting in a poor shave. Same soap and razor. The synthetic works great with cream, but hopeless with soap, in This case the wonderful SV.
I wouldn't bother, just take a full-size synthetic. It'll dry just as quickly and the Muhle ones come in a nice sturdy tube that you can keep for transport.
Since buying my Muhle STF 23mm, it’s been the only brush I’ve taken away on my travels, mainly because of said tube. I hadn’t even thought to see if my other brushes fit into the tube. I’ve only used the Muhle STF with cream so far. It’s good, but I do miss my Razorock Bruce when I’m away
Not been wet shaving long, so I only have 3 brushes, all Omega. Two are boar brushes bought in Italy. The other came in my DE shaving kit, its an Omega s synthetic. Tried all 3, and the synth seems to whip up the best creamy lather, and it feels softer on the face. Proraso green and Figaro red work really well with it!
I exclusively a 23mm Muhle synthetic for my first year of shaving. But could only bowl lather with it at I found it way too prickly when splaying. After having added a number of other synths to my collection, I don't think I'll ever use the Muhle again. Too prickly, splay is either on or off, and not nearly as dense as the others in my collection.
My wolf whiskers black wolf synthetic works perfectly with the SV soaps, I tend to load from a fairly dry brush and add water gradually to ensure plenty soap is loaded in the the brush, it could just be down to lathering technique or maybe just not a very good synthetic, I've never had any problems lathering a hard soap or triple milled soap with a synthetic