Buying a good boar knot

Not Europe ...

From China, I've been pleased with my knots from Virginia Sheng, Ian Tang and from Ace Shaving, although I have not bought boar knots, just synthetics (various knots) and badger (largely silvertip for re-knots that have gone on for sale).

Virginia Sheng is cheap enough to try ... my preference is for blonde boar (undyed, likely bleached). One day I will, but not yet. I can vouch for the seller, though.
I was in the same boat a few months ago. After asking for advice I ended up with Omega. Removed the knots and fitted them into other handles.

I could only find a couple of boar knots from china, but none with the look or reputation of Omega. I would also happily use Semogue, I just ended up with Omega. My mate is very happy with his new (old) brushes.
Many thanks for the above link, that was what I found when searching. What I was after at the time was similar to Nisse, I ended up removing the knots from Omega brushes and using them.

I did buy half a dozen boar knots from the far east to try out, but I was disappointed with the short bristle length which made then really scritchy, even after quite a bit of use.

I agree with Gordy, save the hassle and cannibalise an Omega or Semogue.
Nah! it is the one I recently got wowing me with a nice mix of soft tips & backbone from the start go when face lathering next up might be a home made handle with a Virginia Sheng badger knot. Nice looking handle on the Zenith boar with most likely an Omega knot.