Can aftershave balms be used as a daily face cream

I messaged the marker of Barts Balm he says we can use the aftershave balm he makes as an regular face cream as it has many similar ingredients to a face cream.

What's your take on it I belive its all about how effective it is keeping the skin smooth and hydrated not just after shaving if it can keep the skin smooth and hydrated all day Im sure would decide to use it as a face cream.

Why would someone want to use the aftershave balms as an face cream reason to save money in the long run if a balm can be used as a face cream and works like a face cream why not it all depends on the right ingredients used.

Most aftershave blams tend to give relief after shaving then tend to die down after a few mins or few hours.

Artisan aftershave balms tend to last all day then you mainstream ones.

If a aftershave balm works like a face cream it is a bonus 2 in 1 aftershave balm / face cream.

Whats your take on it and if you guys are using aftershave balms as an face cream.
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A really good aftershave balm should keep you hydrated and smelling top notch while it does not dry the skin out providing a long lasting hydration

When I started to shave using artisan products I found that my skin felt much much better I do however like my aftershave balms to be slick light on the skin I don’t really like heavy balms cause when you sweat it or feel hot the heavy balm feels greasy.

That’s my experience oil based balms absorbs into the skin much better.

It the same for me with Shaving Creams or soap like it when it’s made with added oils etc..