Can you name anything that youngsters of today won't know?

Hard work. we started a new boy a couple of weeks ago 17 yo. ( I'm a gardener ) This week we done a few lawn cuts. he was walking like he was using his phone on the high street, about half a mile an hour. he took an hour and 10 mins to just cut the grass, where as i strim and cut the grass in about 40 mins. its quite a big lawn with 5 areas. he is going to get a shock when full lawn season starts :D

Edit: this sounds like a moan. Its not, I'm going to be p1ssing myself in the summer because he said he was fit and strong at interview :D:D
Bideford, North Devon
We take on apprentices as young as 16 and so far 4 out of 5 would prove you wrong. A few of them do need a "you are no longer at school, work is different" conversation on the journey.
Absolutely !!!!! I try and install that thought at college. They walk in late, no steel toe caps, skinny jeans instead of work trousers, come back late from breaks. I tell them that in the real world they would be put the door, do they listen ? NO ! In one ear out the other, they will learn !
In the garden
Yes, Blakeys segs! Got some rubber and steel ones in service and a few spare.

@jimmyc I've bad limp but am an experienced gardener, can push any size of lawnmower whether self-propelled or not and am used to heavy, powered garden equipment. I can be given orders and carry them out efficiently and ably despite my knees. I am also surprisingly mobile and strong, I don't shirk, muck about with mobiles and find hard work in gardens cathartic so what about it, eh? Geeze a joab! :D