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joe mcclaine

Here's a few...

Wilkinson Sword 'Sticky'
Fat Boy
Hoffritz Slant
Feather All Stainless

Feather Artist Club

Wilkinson 'Bonded' razor

Techmatic (despite it being the very worst shaver, ever)

Shick Injector
Ah, my main interest in this hobby!

De Haven Syncro-Keen, model 2. Can be modified to take a Perma-sharp SE blade, tho' this may be an easier mod on the model 3.

Jones Shake-Sharp. Rocketman, I flagrantly stole your pic, thank you! Mine is gold-tone, not quite as spiffy as the nickel, seen here. Both the De Haven and Shake-Sharp were made to self-hone their blades, the De Haven taking a proprietary SE and using a lapping paste, the Jones using a standard DE blade and (what I understand to be) a diamond impregnated pad to sharpen.

Stahly Live Blade. Credits to B&B Shave-wiki for the pic. Generally dismissed as a gimmick, this is the most commonly seen chrome-on-brass model, with rivet-assembly head. There are at least 2 other patterns of knurling, on brass bodies; at least 1 aluminum body, with the guard bars attached with brass bolts; generally, about 5 different black/chrome/gold/brass finish combinations.

Shave is different, and actually quite good. I can't say the vibe action contributes more than what is one of the absolute best razor head designs, but it is equal to any other DE, and better than some.

Lastly, I'll toot my own horn. I just completed this yesterday evening. I received a Coles slant, from the 'bay, that I "failed to observe":icon_rolleyes: had a split barrel. Long story short, I found some CF tubing of the same dimensions as the Coles OEM barrel, zipped off the "Coles-Germany" banding at the bottom of the barrel, tossed in some epoxy and pressing and:

If you're a newbie, and perusing, the above all provide excellent shaves:icon_razz:, with the note that the De Haven needs a modification, and one should make sure that the Stahly does indeed wind and vibrate.

Three that I think are cool looking and that I'd like to get my hands on

L'essor Supreme
I believe that is the L'essor model I saw on ebay, about 2 months ago. If the selling price was any indication, I need a second job before beginning a serious hunt!