DE Razor last straw!

Hi everyone I am new to this forum but I thought I would share my experience with my double edged razor.

I used to be the type of person that goes into a shop and buys a packet of Bics! I know what your probably all think!

I then jumped on the double-edged razor and after a lots of years went a bit hipster and grew a beard.

Recently I have just come back to the double edged razor and for some reason every blade I try in it feels like it is juddering when going over my stubble and consequently I look like I have been stung by bees more bumps and cuts than anything.

I have tried shaving in the shower, I have tried the hot flannel with pre shave oil different types of blades Astra, Derby, but it all feels like they are scratching my face and they judder

Do you think it could be the double-edged razor. During my hipster years I never use the razor perhaps it got dropped or something? Could it possibly not hold the blade correctly?

I look forward to hearing what you all think,

Kind regards,

Possibly an alien?! That would explain a lot! I probably will sell my double edged safety razor..

I have tried Derby astro or Asttra? I can't remember the exact spelling and also feather.

Sometimes at the moment I am using just plain soap with a brush or thick cream
The feather blades could be your problem, they don't suit every razor. And I never got on with Astra blades either TBH. I tried them in a Parker variant, and also in a Mergress, and they were both badgers arse rough for me, in those razors. YMMV
Now I have a Feather AS-D2, and in that, the Feathers are the best blades I've ever used. Which blades work for you is very razor dependant.
Like I said try Polsilvers or Nacets, Rubies are good too
I'd say, too, that it is your lather. Get a brush and soap or cream which get a good review and take time to lather your face. You have a decent razor but do stick to blades which most shavers like. Gillett silver blue, polsilver and Nacet get consistently good reviews. I'd avoid Feathers which irritate a lot of guys skin.