different heads on tech's

I have 2 tech's, a slim and a fat handle. The slim handle seems to give a slightly better shave, when i had a good look at them i noticed the blades point in slightly different directions. The fat seems to point more to the guard and the slim seems to point more straight out. (very small difference, i tried to take photo but it was just a blurry mess). Did the tech have different top caps or is it just worn. They are both flat bottom English. thanks:)
There are, if I remember correctly, two different flat bottom plate designs. It can be differentiated from other Flat Bottom baseplates by the horizontal ridges running along the edge of the baseplate. The top caps were also designed very slightly differently for these baseplates.

I've come across two variants of this rarer flat bottom baseplate - one has the Gillette stamp and Made in England writing on the top of the baseplate and the other has it on the bottom.

(Shamelessly cribbed from a badger & blade post).
Let's set the record straight in that there are a few "myths" about Tech razors that are simply not true. The first being that the pre-war are more aggressive. Simply: it ain't so. The blade gap on all is approx. 0.025" with a "floating" + or - circa 0.005". Call it stacking tolerances if you will. The post-war holds the blade slightly more rigidly giving IMO a slightly smoother shave and causing many to believe that the pre-war's tiny blade "chatter" to equate more aggression.

Later on Gillette made thinner top caps thereby changing the angle a tad as well as making the razor more nimble. A post-war with a measured 0.025" gap is the best of the lot IMO.