Entry level adjustable DE razor

Not being a fan of the Futur design I would be looking for a second hand Merkur Progress or Gillette Slim, you should be able to net a nice one for £30 or less and they are both built like brick outhouses so no longevity concerns.
I'd go for the Progress, hands down. The adjusting system is like a screw so it's more precise/customizable than the Slim (only 9 positions)
Is the Futur clone as good as non clone?
I can't really give an opinion on the Merkur Futur, but I've a mingshi 2000s and it performs wonderfully for now, how long it will last is another matter, but i've had it well over a year now and it's still performs really well, i have a spare, for when this one breaks for some reason..The Qshave & the Ming shi 2000s are the same razor, just different packaging...They can be aggressive, but any razor can, if not treated with respect..Regards.B