Essential Oils

Are Essential oils safe? I have built up a large collection. I have spent the evening Googling which EO next to add to my own made PSO, with the possibility of creating a homemade facial oil. There are lots of sites endorsing EO's, but quite a few suggesting they are very bad. I have never had a bad reaction, although a commercial PSO stung very badly when my Rosacea was very severe. Should people ownly use the safe compounds? For example Chamomile is used very frequently, yet it's the compounds Chamazulene and Bisabolol that provide the benefits.

What are your experiences?
In my experience essential oils are safe, in limited doses. They are very strong and I would make sure you put only a small percentage into any oil say about 3% max but you might be ok with a bit more of some oils. I have never used chamomile but am a big fan of lavender oil and also teatree but I know some peopl can get reactions from them. It is trial and error but if you stick to small percentages then there is nothing to fear from them and some of them have a great deal of beneficial properties and smell terrific!
I am a fan of Lavender, I have visited the farms, bought the fragrances, oils, eaten the biscuits. A few years ago I bought a roll on to apply directly, it replaced TCP in my medicine cabinet. However, this does break the rule of using it undiluted and applying directly to the skin. I did not have any reactions.
Yes everybody’s skin is different I apply teatree direct to my skin and find it one of the anti inflammatory products out there but I also know people who it burns when applied undiluted.
Ps I do like a bit of lavender and I am partial to the odd biscuit but not sure about lavender biscuits :)