Exotic burl

Does anyone know what's up with Rod Neep? I gather he was sick but his website work orders hasn't been updated in a couple years and he never responded to my emails.

I had my hopes pinned on Thater but what he showed me (left) didn't compare with the burled handle on his website I'm obsessed with (right)

I'm beginning to lose hope of finding a swirly burled handle and should possibly just settle for an imitation tortoise from Shavemac.

Any suggestions?
Not two wood handles look alike so ordering custom can be a challege for both parts
Worth a look http://www.eliterazor.com/product-category/shaving-brushes/wood-brushes/
I absolutely appreciate that and have made that clear in all my communications. That's why Thater had me waiting for several months and took the time to send me pictures which was very cool of them.

I'm pretty excited Elite Razors might be able to help me out. They have black walnut burl and ironwood so there's hope yet.