Feather razors. Are they 'all that'?

Even though I am about to throw myself in to the deep end of SE's (okay, a shallow paddle as a starter) I still remain searching the DE market for those which are away from the crowd.

The Feather still remains on my curious list but not sure if it is just another nice mild razor which does a job or is it more than that? Does it give a sublime shave (prep etc all being in good order) and does it give wow! factor?

A curious mind at work
i love mine (asd2) top quality razor - i like mild and this one leaves my face smooth with no irritation. is it worth £200? - not really, is any razor really worth that much? a 10 quid tech will give you a smooth shave but it is satisfying to use. i bought mine as a gift to myself after having bought a lot of vintagerazors but i certainly wouldn't be spending that much again!
I have finally started using my feather razor, and how much do I wish I had ratched out of the packing box earlier, I got it after using an ikon which held blade lovely (yet to have a blade chatter) and the usual curiosity, glad I scratched it, when I am home I use nothing else, I only use my other razors when travelling for work etc.
Strangely I do not like the feather blades in it, still rough compared to other blades, so far GSB, Astra SP, Pol Silvers are all sublime in it, even the wife faceturbates me after a shave with the feather.