Fitjar Islands Nyasha Pre Shave Stubble Softener and Facial Cleanser

I've got both.

I love most Castle Forbes stuff but I feel their Pre Shave is just ok and therefore not worth the high cost. It's an unusual scent too, has a slight almond scent. It does soften stubble but wouldn't say it adds any extra slickness.

The Fitjar stubble softener soap bar is really good at doing exactly that, softening stubble. Just get it wet and rub over the stubble. Then use your hands to rub it in and it creates a surprising amount of lather from such little soap (Which makes you understand why the bar is smaller than you expect when you first open it). Leave it on while you lather up your shaving soap/cream. It's quite clay like in its scent.

Again I don't feel it particularly adds any under layer of slickness.
It actually makes a great face cleaning soap too so it's kind of a two in one product.
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hey lads

ive tried various pre shave oils but dont like the residue it leaves. So im looking at either a water soluble pre shave such as castle forbes or Fitjar island stubble softener.

Anyone used either of these two?

Have you tried the executive shaving pre shave water soluble oil? I have it and think it is great. No mess no fuss and IMHO provides a level of slickness

Another option if to buy some water soluble massage oil such as

You could even buy your own EO and make your own scent