Floris samples hits and misses

Got a bunch of Floris samples to test so far the result is:

Hits: Leather Oud - XXX, Honey Oud - sweet, Mahon Leather - well behaved ie not hairy biker leather

Misses: JF, No 89, Elite, nah, not for me, true I am an old geezer but these scents smell even older to my nose

Still to test: Santal, Limes, Special No 127, Cefiro, Palm Springs, there should have been one more to make it a total of twelve but eleven will do
Hits: Leather Our and Honey Oud. Also thumbs up for Santal not my kind of scent but I can appreciate the quality. Misses: all the rest that to me seem to be built on smelling fresh and clean or gentleman straight from visit to barber shop (hiding any natural odours) whereas I would prefer scent to add some interest to my otherwise rather bland personality (when close enough) :)
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Had forgotten Palm Springs: jury is still out on that one, not fresh and clean to start with, need to give it a couple of hours...

edit: not pleasant at all, so a miss it is.

(found one more small bag of samples so next up is Acca Kappa week)
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