Giesen & Forsthoff Timor 1350 - Anyone own this beast?


I'm eyeing this beauty:

Thing is, I read some good reviews about shave quality itself, however, there's no information about how slippery is the handle, since there's no knurling.

Anyone who owns this beauty - could you care to comment please, I would love to get first hand info so I don't get buyer's remorse :)

Thank you!
The 1350K (open comb) got my attention quite some time ago. Common sense prevailed at the end though, as it is not wise to embark in a quest to try every DE in the marker. That said, I would be interested to read opinions on these closed and/or open comb razors.
If their TTO is anything to go by, it's probably a rebadged version from an OEM manufacturer.
Nah, these are made in Germany, solid stainless handles and chrome plated zamak heads... Apparently flawless finish on par with Muhle, similar shave to R89 but slightly more efficient, these are very highly regarded on the German forums.

Not used one yet myself but it's very high on the "to try" list :)