Gillette guard

Yep! Huge fan! It's the one razor I take on holiday and the one razor I reach for when I just want a no-frills shave, close enough to look respectable, not too close as to cause potential irritation and no way you'll nick yourself.

I agree - great for a quick shave and I also take it on holiday, but somehow I usually get a few weepers when I use it and I cannot for the life of me understand how I manage to do that. It is really mild, I feel like it should be hard to go wrong. I imagine if I used it regularly I would find the knack to avoid this issue. I rarely have a problem with de, but I use them all the time
Used it for the first time over the weekend....and even though I hate to say gave a good shave. I will explain my reluctance. The razor originates from India.....where lots of different DE Blades are manufactured. For many of the population cartridge razors are just too expensive so DE has ruled the roost for the man in the street. This is just a cheap cart and is an attempt to lock more people into Gillette cartridge systems to the detriment of DE shaving. Sorry views may be extreme....but I just see it as another marketing ploy to lock people into a proprietary cartridge system....which it is!
I was in Sainsbury's the other day and noticed they still do the Bic Orange Sensitive single blade disposables.

Anyone know how the Guard compares to them?
I like both, but the Guard is more versatile. The Bic is generally good for one or two days of stubble. If more than a week's worth of whiskers, then I'll use the Guard - it really excels at mowing down longer growth.