Gillette Tech

I have a couple of Techs that I never really use, not because I dislike them but because I thought that they were a bit bland and that I got a better shave from a more aggressive razor. This evening I thought I'd try something a bit different and broke out a Tech. With the benefit of a couple of years' DE experience I was rewarded with a thoroughly enjoyable and very close shave.

I was hugely impressed with the Tech, it was so easy and intuitive to use that it was an absolute joy and after three passes I had as close a shave as I get with anything else. This is definitely a razor that will be getting more use in future.
Intuitive and effective - I guess that's why Gillette enjoyed such great sales of this razor for over 40 years! Introduced in 1938 and still around at the very end of the '70s and just into the '80s. The same head carried on as the Sterling well into the '80s, possibly '90s and revived in the 2000s, still available today in some markets.

I dropped pretty much all my DEs except for a very small handful of interesting and different models.

I did keep a strong contingent of Techs, largely because I'd amassed a very comprehensive collection which looked wrong without the whole gang. I'll keep 'em to look at, fondle and occasionally enjoy a crafty Tech shave.