Green Dialux

Guessing not all chromium oxide is the same. Some 0.5 micron - good for final polishing after honing progression. Some more abrasive maybe 2000 grit - good for refreshing edge when it starts to tug after use. Not sure where to buy the stuff and be sure that I get one of each.
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Trying to find info about cromox. Got a bar of Green Dialux but not sure it is the real thing after reading that it is supposed to have a grit rating of 2000. Was expecting finer.
I use finer green pastes. There are two different eBay vendors in the UK selling 0.3 and 0.5 respectively. I guess we only have their word for it but I've tried both and they work well between stone and strop.

I have in the past used the heavier cutting compound from dialux but not these days - find it better to use a stone.