Help identifying Razor

Hi all.

Was hoping for a bit of help identifying this razor and any additional or trivial information anyone has about it. I know almost nothing about the vintage ones.

This was just found at the back of a shed that hasn't been cleared out in 30 years.

Any help much appreciated.


Thanks for all the info everyone. I can't actually figure out if it's a proper rocket or a parat? According to some info if the twist dial at the bottom is the same diameter as the handle (which this is) it's a Parat. Can anyone confirm?

Currently trying to find someone in the UK who can fix.
It is not a Parat, it a Rocket if you look at the link I posted you can see that the Rocket in the picture has the same handle as yours. Also I have one myself. You may have trouble getting it re-crimped even more so if it is an aluminium one as the metal is quite soft and easily damaged.