Help. is this a Slim?

Found this razor which has a date code of 'E 4'.

It looks like a Slim Adjustable but according to multiple internet searches the slim adjustable was not manufactured on either of the 'E' dates. (1959 and 1984).

Can anyone shed any light on this? View attachment 38257
Certainly looks like a slim, some great information here: . If it is E4 then it could be a real rarity, even if the date stamp was a factory error. Can you post a picture of the underside and the inside of the head once you have cleaned it up. I am assuming you are going to clean it.
This thread contains some useful information re cleaning:

My regime is a good long in hot soapy water. Scrub with old toothbrush. Apply standard bathroom cleaner (Flash or Mr Muscle), but never bleach or de-scaler (they eat the plating). Scrub again. Peek Polish with a cotton cloth to finish. May have to repeat steps more than once

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