High end brushes

I use a Simpson Grosvenor bristle and badger brush which cost £20 and gives a wonderful face lather.
I see they do one for £245 and wonder if such an expensive brush really was worth it. Some high end brushes are probably expensive due to an exotic handle, but where cost is more simply because of the hair, is it worth considering them?
I have only ever tried 2 badger brushes. One was £2.80 from eBay and surprisingly good considering, and the other is a £42 Maseto in Silvertip.

The Maseto is softer. Less scratchy. And much fatter, at 30mm. It wouldn't do anything the cheap one doesn't do!

Would I pay an extra £200 for a Simpson?
Maybe. If I had quite a bit to waste on a seriously luxury purchase. But it wouldn't do anything my Maseto didn't. Not a thing.
In terms of quality, performance and price I don’t think you can go wrong with a Simpson Colonel X2L with a best badger knot. One of the best values on the market and substantially cheaper than £245. I have better things to do with my hard earned money than spend it on a brush at that price.
Totally agree!! That one is a Simpson brush that I have looked at and is on my wishlist.
I have a Simpsons manchurian chubby 2 in sapphire it was over £300 though and yes it's a very luxurious experience, the hairs are very densely packed and I absolutely love it but it's a bit of a soap monster ! I can't really compare it to some of the other less expensive but we'll rated badgers because I haven't tried any, the only other brush I own is my wolf whiskers black wolf synthetic but I will say that I did have the SV 2.0 I think that's a manchurian and it was an excellent brush at a lot less money the only reason I sold it was I really didn't need both but they are certainly worth a look at and get very good reviews
From memory there was a thread a few months back called something like ‘Perceived value of high end brushes’ which was an interesting read.

I am guessing the same applies to brushes as to the current topic about whether expensive razors are ‘worth it’, ie they are nice if you have the money but you can get similarly satisfying results with far cheaper ones
I have 3 Shavemac brushes and they are all very nice brushes, the eldest has now broken into a fantastic brush and it really gives me pleasure to use it. The second is nearly ready but because I have a few brushes I don't use it often enough and it's taking 2 years.... in my experience, these brushes need 40+ uses to really come to live.
I have a Simpson Colonel X2L that I have used a handful of times only, I think the knot is too small for me hence the reason I never go for it. I have a couple of Maseto brushes and they are good too, hoping that one day they will get to be as good as my eldest Shavemac. I also have 4 Stirling badger brushes that I enjoy too.
So which one is my favourite? For face feel and pure pleasure I'd say my first Shavemac.
Would I buy it again? Knowing what I know now about this brush I'd say yes but a year ago I'd have said no.
I guess I should have used it more often to come to this conclusion earlier but I have no regrets, I look forward to the others joining this fantastic brush one day.

My frst ever badger brush was a £50 brush and it was so bad.... I was reading about badger brushes and I seem to remember that "silvertip" was the brush to go for as they were the softest and best for me I thought but they were all rather expensive, I found this one on a reputable Internet store and it was a bad decision, I could have bought the Semogue SOC instead and that is a good brush.

I think I have finally come to my senses to realise I don't need anything else for my shaving. .. . :)