Holiday Kit H/ware and Soaps - what would you take??

Off on my hols to the Canaries soon and wondered if you guys would give me your opinions on a nice holiday soap. I normally take a plain soap Arko, Derby or Palmolive and another more exotic as an example last year I took Razorock's 'Caribbean Holiday'. What would you take??

H/W wise I take a Wilkinson Sword razor the plastic black one which has a weighted handle and a cheap synthetic brush because they dry easily.

Indulge your imagination and givce me some ideas.........................
I always use Taylors Sandalwood Cream: that's what I would take.

I might transfer some to a smaller container if I was going by air.
Southern Ontario, Canada
My travel kit is designed to meet international carry-on regulations since I mostly fly and like to have my shaving kit and other grooming necessities with me. My shaving kit comprises:

Muhle synthetic shaving brush in a clear plastic tablet bottle with holes punched in the top
Gillette Sensor or Mach3 cartridge razor and additional cartridges depending on duration of trip
Harris Lavender or Tabac shaving soap stick
Alcohol-based aftershave decanted into a 60 ml bottle
Styptic pencil
I’m currently in Tenerife and having great shaved :D

We had checked luggage so I brought my 6S and blades.

An excellent hot holiday soap is Proraso white or green. I have the green in a little aluminium screw top container about an inch across and it loads really well from the container!!! (Last year I bowl lathered with it)

I’ve picked up a couple of cheap aftershaves out here, Floid (the orange one, still looking for the black) and a slight menthol balm, Ifa Unnia, that also has alcohol in it. I’ve been using them to cool my face after a wash during the day as well as after shaving.
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