How do you test blades?

I’m wondering how you guys go about testing blades.
I have a current favourite (perma sharp) which is my benchmark.
I have a few shaves with my favourite to familiarise myself with the standard. Then have a few shaves with the test blade, with my normal day to day lather then my treat lather to see if there’s an improvement.
Then back to my favourite blade as a comparison.
How do you do it?

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In this order:
Is it comfortable to use? Y/N.
Does it effectively remove stubble? Y/N.
Does it meet both of the previous for an acceptable number of shaves? Y/N.

If a blade meets all three of those it's a good one.

As @Count of Undolpho wisely mentioned, this is done using a known razor and soap. Razor is whichever I use most and testing soap is usually Palmolive as it's consistenly excellent.
As @Count of Undolpho wisely mentioned, this is done using a known razor and soap. Razor is whichever I use most and testing soap is usually Palmolive as it's consistenly excellent.
You silver tongued hussy you!
I would reiterate the use at least 5 blades to adequately judge performance. I've been caught out by how much a slight change in angle can alter a blades ability. It can be a microscopic change that you don't even realise you have made but it can still mean shaving with the third or fourth blade is far different from your first experience. I consider it to be one of the reasons some blades suit some razors for some users - their angles work together with the technique being used.
Got a nice shave with the Baili Platinum+. Blade is not too thin, same as the Astras. Chatter is not an issue in my 3 piece razors, but people with Merkur Vision and Muhle R41 might appreciate thicker and stiffer blades.

Shaved with no tugging or irritation, no allergy from the coating, just a smooth shave. Since all my fears are alleviated, I will use Baili blades in the more efficient Fatip razors. :)

Shave #4 on the Baili Platinum+ was also very good (DFS). Although I can get one more out of it, I feel the blade is slightly more resistive than previous shaves. Same experience with Gillettes, Astras and Rapiras, which I toss after 4 shaves.

Just an observation. I noticed the steel is more springy than other blade brands I have. I tighten the Fatip with these Bailis more than usual. Might actually be OK chatter wise with TTOs and Merkur Futur.

I'll titanic the 4 remaining Baili blades I have and see if the quality is consistent.
My (loose) criteria to judge blade performance.

- efficiency: several days growth vs. daily shaving
- smoothness: first experience on the blade vs the follow-up shaves
- longevity

If I don't fuss about comparing, they all feel the same to me. I'm guessing it's all smaller nuances rather than night and day differences.
Good call. I currently have 9 different blades that I'm going through. I've pretty much shaved for a week with all of them now so am about to start the rotation again. This time round I'm making notes on each as I go along, am about to crack open a tube of T&H Lime cream and so will be using that and the same razor (DE89) throughout, so no other variables. Yes there are subtle differences between some of them, whilst others stand out as being particularly good or bad for my face. I'm using each blade for a week, or 3 shaves, whichever comes first. I'm also trying to pinpoint as I go along the source of the itching I sometimes get late in the day after shaving, or the next day; this could be as simple as my face just not liking the ATG pass, the blade/coating itself, frequency of shaves, etc. Anyway, I'll do at least 1 ATG pass with each blade and see how I am after it, how many nicks I get, etc, compared to cutting out the ATG pass.

I just shave with them until I have used at least 5 blades in a row by which time I've got used to them and learnt their 'quirks'.
Other than that I try not to change anything else in my routine.
I agree in principle with the caveat that if it's uncomfortable and a second blade is the same I bail at that point. Once could be a bad blade, but if two feel like they're tearing my face off I won't suffer through another three.
This. I don't see much point in punishing yourself if you can tell after a couple of shaves each with say 2 blades of any given blade, that it is wrecking your face. There's a couple of blades already that I'll try again just to make sure, but am prepared to bail on FFS (For Face Sake!) rather than feeling I have to finish the whole tuck. From once round the rotation so far, I'd say that most of these tucks will get finished off.

Enough blades here to keep this going for several months, in theory the rabbit hole is boarded up, nailed down, and protected with barbed wire and an electric fence for this duration! After this I plan to bulk buy perhaps my favourite 2 or 3 blades.