How much cream can you produce?

I remember someone advising you only need a pea sized quantity of shaving cream to produce sufficient lather for a shave. Curiosity always got the better of me here and I always wondered how much lather a pea sized quantity could actually make.

So this evening had me undertaking the pointless exercise of finding out for myself.

Cream - Gentlemen's Tonic
Brush - Razorock 24mm Plissoft
Bowl - 2 litre kitchen maid

No whisk was used during this experiment


On your Mark. Get set. Whisk

After 5 minutes.....


I reckon getting on towards 0.75 litre. Is there such a thing as shavers wrist? The brush I think is a lather monster and the end result a very usable cream. I could have gone further with more water but not sure if I would have been cheating myself.

So I throw down the gauntlet. We all remember the ice bucket challenge, well give it your best shot in the cream bucket challenge