Last drop or I'll keep it

What really winds me up
"Last drop or I'll keep it"
Of course you will if nobody buys it the statement means fuck all Sherlock.
Well I hear what you're saying but the two parts of the statement tho combined and applied are exclusive, aren't exclusive in the normal way. If they stated "'it'll sell or i'll keep it" then yes total bellend. But reporting its the last drop is to entice those lurking that this item is not going to go lower and stating they're keeping it confirms they won't put it back up for sale (well unless someone offers them the asking price via PM lol)

I do agree that some of statements used in BST's are annoying. For me the worst is "Pics to follow" and then no pictures are uploaded...ever....even after say a week.......(p.s. for those who don't know me this last bit was a bit of sarc lol)
Some sellers no matter where they are selling will stick a higher figure than they want and then when they have dropped the price a couple of times to the price he wanted it to go for in the first place the buyer thinks they have got a deal when in actual fact the last drop price was what the seller wanted!
I always ask for what I want, I'm not into these games and if it doesn't sell I will pull it and put it on EBay plus 10% that ebay will take from me in sellers fees, so I will say this is the last bump after which I will put it on eBay. I usealy have better luck on eBay but it's got a larger number of people looking at what you've got for sale. P.