Leather or Bay Rum Recommendations

Good morning folks.

I’m very slowly trying various scents and am hoping for some advice and recommendations on Leather or Bay Rum.

The idea of these scents really appeal to me but rather oddly I’ve never actually experienced either - even when I’ve been in shaving shops and should have at least had a sniff!

I’m not likely to have a chance to visit shop in the near future and was hoping that I could turn to your experiences (bad and good) here.

Thank you all in advance.
One that you absolutely have to try is Pinaud's Virgin Island Bay Rum. If you're chosen, you'll love it! Some folks find it hotter than a thousand suns but if you're chosen, you're chosen and it'll be wonderful.

Good, classic English Leather (Dana brand?) is the proper leather. Modern snowflake leather tends to be on the side of suede and smells more like high grade Italian sofas than musty biker jackets. Sticking with Pinaud, their Clubman Special Edition is a proper leather. Folks that side of the pond talk lovingly of old baseball gloves.
I visited the Gentleman’s Groom Room today and was given a few leather scents and bay rum scents to experience.

The bay rum was really overpowering with a clove scent. It reminded me of the dentist and getting clove oil applied on toothache. Not a memory I particularly enjoyed. So this isn’t the scent for me.

The Spanish leather on the other hand was lovely. Geo Trumper’s was a delight. I can’t actually remember the other brand I sampled but it was a tad sweeter smelling than Trumpers. The additional sweet scent just steered me away back towards Trumpers.

So I now have added Geo Trumpers Spanish Leather shaving cream to my collection. The cologne and skin food may be on my Santa list!