Let's do the abandoned on an island situation again :)

I was picking shaving gear in my mind for such eventuality and I was surprised how easy it was this time round. In the past I have struggled to pick a single razor, never mind a soap lol.

So we go:

Razor: Rockwell 6S 2/4 plate - easy pick

Soap: Art of Shaving tallow ( the original) I've been on holidays for a month with this soap and I know that it will do very well for me.

Blade: Pherma Sharp it is what I use 95% of the time.

Brush: This was difficult but I went for my Shavemac, I quite like synthetic brushes these days but this Shavemac is reliable :)

Bowl: the Suribachi.

Aftershave: Unscented thayers witch hazel and Proraso Red.

That would do me nicely I think :)

What's your choice?

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For me:

Razor - Fatip Grande: robust, compact, efficient - bullet proof.
Blade - Gillette Silver Blues: very good, solid performance.
Soap - Cella - nice coconut vibe for that never fails to whip up a great protective lather with great glide - even with the hardest of water.
Brush - Omega Hi Tech synthetic - bullet proof.
Bowl - Aesop.
Postshave - Myrsol 'Lemon' and Ibiza Aloe - Aloe Vera Gel.

I made my selections on bullet proof, reliability - solid performing hardware and software, which work for me everytime no messing.

Also a wi-fi connection and laptop to post on TSR SOTD :)
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Abandoned on an island, eh?
Fresh water: More than plenty
Food: Just plenty - losing a few kilos won't hurt.
Satellite phone: of course - I want to get rescued - so I can have a shave
Medication: unfortunately I'd need some of that
Entertainment: Fully loaded Kindle and a solar charger (and my glasses) - no shaving forums, please
Shaving supplies: don't care - just get me out of here before the beard gets out control
If I ended up stranded on a desert island it would mean my career at sea has just taken an awfully big downturn.

But if my career had just sunk to this level I'd have to make a quick rummage through my wash bag and make sure I abandoned taking with me:

Timeless 0.68
A lifetime supply of Polsilver Lodz
Any OSP cream
Muhle synthetic Butterscotch

Oh I would rip the bathroom mirror off the shower cabinet

All contrary to what we are taught not to do when deciding to flee the inevitable
...I think I would quite enjoy the experience especially if I had an FM radio that picked up the BBC World Service and a Kindle...shaving wise it would be tough to make a choice but probably Weber PH (and the Gem G Bar hidden in my well stocked back pack), Shark SS, Omega Baby Pro, Old Spice Soap, AS and Cologne.