Linux users and/or developers?

My Debian pc dual boots with Win 10 just so I can use Google Sketchup for 3d print design.

Currently have 26 raspberry pi running a flavour of Debian. Developing various useful projects on them.

PS. It may be more by the time you read this :)

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Linux user since 1999.
No windows or Mac computers.
Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu variants and Linux Mint are my favorites.
Xfce and MATE are my favorite DE's.
I started using SuSE in the mid-90's. As a techie, I had fun trying loads of distros* over the next few years. I settled on Arch for personal use in 2004 and the rooted Samsung ARM Chromebook I'm typing this on has always run Arch. My Intel laptop (server/torrents) runs Arch but when my S-i-L gave me an old Sony Vaio to wipe the hard drive and recycle, I loaded Mint and sent it back with a load of games for my four-year-old GS (that was two years ago and he still plays on it most days).

Have to agree with Xfce - after my experimental years were over, Xfce has been my choice for over a decade.

* including Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, Yoper, Fedora, CentOS, Puppy, Knoppix, Tiny Core, Slackware, a couple of BSD distros
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I was introduced to Linux in the late 90's, but been my primary home OS for the last 15ish years. Despite having been a developer, I like an easy life and prefer Kubuntu, however it didn't play nice with my Lenovo convertible laptop, so running Ubuntu