Looking for advise

Ok gents here is the coo, 2018 me n wifey are off too florida, again, this time just the two of us to celebrate our 21wedding anniversary.
We are looking for in entry level dslr camera and need your advise.
Wifey is the artistic one out of the two of us. She want to take pretty sunset pics at the keys and wildlife pics at walmart.
We have had various cameras in our 43/47years.
Were looking for camera advise and somewhere were we can learn to use it properly, be it webbys, magazines or workshops.
All adcise taken in and non shunned.


Ok so have done a deal, dunno if its a good deal.
Nikon d3000 18-55 and 70-300 lenses not quite £200?
Bought 12months ago barely used still has the film on the screen.
The lenses:- 18-55 like the camera barely used and the 70-300 2.5 years old but bought from mpb with recipt 6months ago
That's good kit and will get the sort of photos you want. I have an ancient Nikon D200 that's still going strong. I just have one photo tip for you, and it's a cliché - the best camera is always the one you have with you. Have fun with your camera.
The D3000 is a few years old now but still quite capable - I'd say if you were looking to buy new there's a lot in the Pentax range at the lower end of the scale. I, myself, have a Pentax K-S2 which is 'weatherproof', though has been submerged in mud/water and washed with no issue (during a review, I've not dared to try this). The K-S2 is, itself, a couple of years old now so I'm sure there are bargains around but I bought mine new with an 18-50mm lens for about £400-450 last year.

Check out mpb.com and lcegroup.co.uk as well if you're keen to get second-hand items. The Nikon 3000-range and 5000-range are very good starter cameras. If you wanted something for the keener photographer then the D7000 range are very, very good.
As others have said, Talk Photography is good source of info but as/when you get the camera, take the kit out and use it to get used it to it. Find yourself a scene to photograph and take the same image at differing focal lengths and apertures but keep the ISO constant i.e. 400 ISO - 18mm f2.8, 18mm f8, 18mm f16 and the repeat at 35mm and 55mm - I'd do the same for 70 - 300 as well and compare the pictures on the pc.

If you need software, download/install FastStone Image Viewer, it'll let you view and do some basic editing to the images if you want.

As a general rule of thumb, especially if you're hand holding the camera, keep your shutter speed above your focal length, so if you're shooting at 55mm above 1/60th, 200mm above 1/200th.

Nikon D3000 for Dummies

Ken Rockwell D3000 Users Guide

Camera Tips D3000
Great tips Wooky! Also this website (Cambridge in colour) is great for general photography tips - there's a lot to learn there, so don't get put off by it.

As Wooky says, practice is the best approach. I didn't really learn much until I started just sitting around the house taking photos of everything at trying things out. Some came out beyond crap but at least I got a feel for what worked!
It may well be @Nisse - but that's what the OP's gotten for himself and there's many a good tune played on a old fiddle... If people can help him get the best out of it and he manages to get some decent images from the trip, it's a job well done.
Hear, hear. I think it's still a capable camera, especially for the price. If OP takes to photography then there's scope to sell the camera on, even without any loss, and purchase something newer.

Check out the dpreview.com forums, there's plenty of stuff for beginners there as well. You can start topics for your own personal queries and there will always be someone there to help. :)
I find using the old ones a bit more like shooting film, need to think before pressing the button not just klick, klick, klicking away to be fixed later in Photoshop.
I decided against a mirrorless camera for this reason (sort of). Having an electronic viewfinder would allow the user to be 'babied' through the process of learning how to wield a camera. Given I have two control wheels, I've an opportunity to learn how to properly adjust for exposure, shutter speed etc. I tend not to use photoshop either as it's more time consuming than I'd otherwise like. Either way, I need to take my camera out with me more! :D