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When I get paid for shooting I get trigger happy using my latest and greatest Nikon or Sony and spend boooring hours in front of the computer postprocessing.
I bet you do. I've never had the luxury of being paid for photography, so getting 'the shot' isn't time-limited. If I was shooting an event or something, I'd be more inclined to go for broke and hope that I've more suitable shots than I intended to get.
Photography forms part of my job to initially record and provide a permanent record of what I see, dependant up on the job type, for use at a later time and to photographically record certain things while working through a job. I could easily get trigger happy with the shutter as I don't do the post processing but still have to input metadata for certain images and types which isn't the easiest or most pleasant activity on a 10" laptop screen. Hence my Hasselblad type approach, it saves me time in the long run.
As others have said, Talk Photography is good source of info but as/when you get the camera, take the kit out and use it to get used it to it. Find yourself a scene to photograph and take the same image at differing focal lengths and apertures but keep the ISO constant i.e. 400 ISO - 18mm f2.8, 18mm f8, 18mm f16 and the repeat at 35mm and 55mm - I'd do the same for 70 - 300 as well and compare the pictures on the pc.

If you need software, download/install FastStone Image Viewer, it'll let you view and do some basic editing to the images if you want.

As a general rule of thumb, especially if you're hand holding the camera, keep your shutter speed above your focal length, so if you're shooting at 55mm above 1/60th, 200mm above 1/200th.

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Thank you these are all helpful. And thankyou for all the other replys i know the d3000is getting on, its shutter count is only 1500 im happy with that and dont wanna spend millions as our holiday is nearly 5k for the 4weeks excluding spends and extras.
£200 quid has gotter give us better pics than my sony mobile phone (xa1 ultra)
They are all really informative thanks bud, really looking forward to picking it up at tge moment and playing and learning again.
Itmay well be @Nisse - but that's what the OP's gottenfor himself and there's many a good tune played on a old fiddle... If people can help him get the best outof it and he manages to get some decent imagesfrom the trip, it's a job well done.
Thanks buddy my view totally.
I like, previously loved items, it could be my extensive work tools, or new hobbies.
And if we dont take to it then, not much lost and maybe a little gained.