Looking for aftershave balm

Some may be disgusted, however I don’t use an aftershave balm and I wonder if it will benefit me. I get dry skin sometimes and would like to try a fast absorbing, light, non greasy balm. If it does have a scent I don’t want a strong scent, a nice subtle modern scent would be perfect. Any recommendations?
I use fine Shave soap daily.
Maca Root - Body Shop. Great stuff with their ‘razor relief’ works great on dry skin.
Also found the APR aftershaves to be a little oily but absolutely fantastic on skin.

Aloe Vera is fantastic stuff though so +1 for the above suggestions.
I have made good experiences with some after sun products with high Aloe Vera content. There are some other good moisturizing and skin soothing things in the mixture, like D-Panthenol, Glycerine etc. Maybe you should give this a try. You can use it after applying some after shave splash too. Works very well for me.
Dove aftershave balm is very light does a really good job absorbs very quick and not a lot of money to buy. I've tried many but for me this works well. for me is something to absorb to a smooth finish stand sticky don't care what it's don't for my face.