Mayweather vs McGregor

Who's picking who to win? I heard a fella say yesterday the he thinks McGregor is going to win. I told him that I think not, but that if he does it will only be due to a lucky shot early on in the first 3 or 4 rds. After that, Mayweather will show him where the bear went through the buckwheat.

First off, mayweather will win on points and it will go the distance. The only way connor can win is with a TKO or a knock out.

Mayweather is too fast. Connor will be swatting flies for 12 rounds.....

Secondly i would to say, Both fighters have f£cked the fans big time by charging a small fortune to watch the fight.

£70?!?!?!!! Pay per view. They can go fffff themselves!!
Thats completely doing the boxing fans in 110%.....GREED!!!

I wouldnt even pay £15 to watch this. It will be the biggest load of rubbish boxing has ever witnessed.
I will definitely watch the hi-lights for a laugh.
Also, youtube connors cage fights....especially against diaz. He's boxing skills arent even comparable to Mayweather.
He also gets tired while boxing in the first couple rounds before they have even grappled. Straight stand up boxing.....

MMA and boxing - two different worlds and this fight shouldnt have happened. Money making gimmic and trying to pull off what Ronda Rousey tried to make money off.
I also think the big difference in both sports is the punching range.

In MMA they get very close and tight, in boxing they tend to hold their distance, so range is much more important - Mayweather is an intelligent boxer and will not get pulled in close and i think Connor will struggle with that.

As already mentioned there is already two winners in this fight with their purses.