Merkur Progress/Mergress servicing...?

I somehow managed to dismantle it, and couldn't get it back together again. However, I've now managed to reassemble it, after much faffing about. I'm stupid like that!

By 'inner spring ring', do you mean the 'C clip'...? Or perhaps the gizmo in the head area, that gives the springy resistance as you wind it down? (Don't worry, I'm not going to pull it apart again to see what it is you're talking about).
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Ah, OK, I thought it was less serious.
Yes, I meant the C clip.
Maybe an email to the Merkur customer service in Germany could give you some ideas (they replaced the cap of my 34C for free a few years ago).
Pleased to say that everything seems to be working fine, giving an excellent shave this morning!

This US eBay vendor sells replacement official Merkur C Clips (which he describes as 'Tension Rings'). But I daresay anything approximating to the shape,/size would work just as well.