Mild and more agressive razors.

I wonder if more agressive razors are actually better for your skin. Currently use a Rocca which although not the most razor around, is certainly more so than the Edwin Jagger which broke on me. The Rocca is leaving my skin feeling fantastic and I very seldom nick myself. Maybe it's because I take a bit more care with this razor. Any ideas for a more aggressive razor which I would find equally comfortable.
Another plus for the Timeless. However in my case a 0.68. Saving up for a 0.95 as I have have never read anything else except 'aggressive yet smooth. If it shaves like the 68 I am expecting greatness.

I am also slowly learning that smooth works hand in hand with preparation and taking care.
I own both 0.68 scalloped and 0.95oc and in my opinion it is a perfect shaver but for my skin its too much for an everyday shave - every 2 days its awesome but if I shave everyday I reach for 0.68
I wouldnt say that 0.95 is aggresive - its mid aggresive but nothing like H1/R41 or Charcoal lvl3
I also find a more efficient razor kinder on my skin but it's not the case for everyone.
I've found SEs suit my skin better. Here are a few efficient ones which I like a lot:
The Cobra Classic, Colonial General, many vintage Gem/Ever-Ready razors, Blackland Sabre L2, Pal Injecto-matic, or Schick E3.
If you want to stick with a DE:
ATT R2, Mühle R41 (2013 model) or a Fatip Piccolo.
RazoRock Hawk and Feather Professional AC blades. Gives an entirely different shave to the Rocca and feels less aggressive but to be handled with care. Blades are about the sharpest around. 2x no pressure passes used to have me silky smooth without fail. If you want a true challenge go with the Executive Shaving Claymore. THAT is aggressive with those blades - again, no pressure and you’ll be quids in.

The Fatip, as aforementioned, I didn’t get on with, and I love my Rocca. The Parker Variant could be dialled relatively aggressive and is a very smooth shaved. I opted for setting 4 and that was more than aggressive enough for me. :)