Ming Shi 2000s vs Qshave vs Futur

Hi, what are people’s views of the Futur clones?
I’m hearing a few mixed views but not all in one place like here.
Things read are they are almost identical, slightly cheaper material and cratmanship.
Ming Shi has poorer tolerances but Qshaves inspection process catches the bad ones.
Any more thoughts?
I’ve not been DE shaving for long (2 months) but I used the QShave clone which was in the Newbies Pass Around Box. I really didn’t like it - so much so that if it’d been my first DE shave it would have put me off for good.

I noticed an imbalance in the blade which I discovered, through members here, is a fault with some of these razors (not all) - the blade misaligns giving differing blade exposure.

Not a fan but I’m not saying I’ll never try one again. I’ll just check the blade alignment next time before I shave.

A recent returner to DE shaving, I bought a Ming Shi and did not get on with it first few tries. However, gave it another go a couple of days ago and got a really good, comfortable shave with no weepers. I put it down to developing my 'technique', getting the setting right for me (3 wtg, 2 atg) and using Personna instead of Feather blades. I will be using it more regularly, even though I just treated myself to an ATT!