Muhle R89 Grande Closed Comb

I bought this a while back when i was first starting out however it fell out of my rotation when i bought a Rockwell 6S.
I recently dropped it in the sink damaging the baseplate rendering this unusable. Given that I've not used this in months I was thinking i could replace the head with something else, possible slightly more aggressive? Any ideas what would fit the bill?

Muhle R41 is often deemed quite an aggressive open-comb. It's fairly inexpensive but I believe you can buy the head separately.
Edit: Executive Shaving also do a closed-comb head similar to the R89 but with a bit more aggression.
Have to agree that the Executive Shaving Braveheart would be a wise move if a similar but more agressive shave to the R89 is on the books. I would describe it as an 89 on steroids.

The stainless handle would also be a nice addition and far better than the usual Muhle offering
Some classic enabling there. Get behind me, satan! I must say the ES Braveheart sounds great
Sorted with an ES Braveheart, good quality piece of kit. Noticeably more aggressive shave, and loud too!
Glad to hear you're pleased with your purchase. I find it hard to tell the difference between it and an 89 from physical appearances. As you noted, it is the feedback which makes the difference.

sometimes wonder about going up the aggressiveness / efficiency scale a bit from the DE89, but then I think is it worth it if it brings more irritation. . .
As with all things it is a question of care, attention and preparation. I have never had any skin irritation with a more aggressive razor (Timeless - Ikon SB - ATT M2) just a closer shave. But I can say I'd live with just an 89 and be the happiest of shaved bunnies. A classic design