NEW : RazoRock SLOC DE Safety Razor

Hi Folks

The RazoRock Self Lubricating Open Comb safety razors, or SLOC for short, have landed at Shaving Station!
Featuring a dual open comb head, with a 316L Stainless Steel Radio Knob handle, these little beauties are priced at just £22.50 each less your 7.5% TSR discount and 3% loyalty points for registered members. UK shipping is free.

We have also restocked on many other popular RazoRock lines, including the Mamba razor, so be sure to check out the website!!


The Razorock SLOC looks very similar to another DOC razor in production which I have and I absolutely adore, it's not really aggressive in the slightest but smooth and efficient. The Razorock SLOC comes with a SS handle and IMO looks like a really superb offer.
The Razorock SLOC aka Yaqi is entirely different geometry from the PAA DOC. It's not as mild a shave as the first PAA and uses the old style three posts rather than the slotted baseplate that PAA uses.

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I used the Razorock SLOC tonight for the first time. Used TOBS sandalwood soap and Gillette Rubie. Superb. I did my usual 3 pass W/X/ATG, smooth as you like with zero irritation or weepers. However, when I first put it to my skin it warned me to treat it with respect or it'll bite me! It's still relatively mild but I feel it could punish a slack technique if pushed. There was plenty of audio feedback to let you know it's doing the job. The handle looks huge! And it is! I don't have the tools to measure it accurately but it's easily as big, if not a tad bigger than the fat end of a Merkur Futur but, of course, shorter. It also has a fair bit of weight to it so if you like a light razor you may want to replace the handle though for me, the weight/length/width ratio works perfectly. You know, this cost £22.50. It's an absolute steal. And the service provided by Shaving Station was/is excellent. I'm a very happy (and smooth!) punter.
No blade alignment issue on this model? I bought a RR razor in 2015 and there was such a gap play, it was impossible to get the blade aligned properly! After 15 minutes try, I gave up and sent it back to razorock! But I love the Mamba, and the blade is properly aligned (CNC machined razor!)
I have the Yaqi DOC, which is the same as the RR SLOC and there's no blade alignment issue with mine. It's a superb razor head.