New to DE, went for vintage

I just started DE shaving a couple of months back and rather than buying a new razor, I looked for something old.

After reading around, I found these on eBay and am very happy. After some more reading and working out what I’d bought I think I’m very lucky indeed to have got these. They feel so well made.

Gillette Rocket HD
Gillette raised flat bottom, open comb. 30s I think? Not sure what this is exactly.

The Rocket is very manageable and is great when in a hurry. The open comb needs a bit more care and light touch, but feels great afterwards.

Can anyone tell me a bit more about them, specifically when they were made?

I have one of those Rocket HD's, and I think it is an fabulous razor. It gives an excellent shave quality but is forgiving to use. It would be a great beginner razor, but I have been DE shaving for 2 years, and still regularly reach for this razor when I want to be confident that I am going to avoid any nicks etc. I can shave quickly and well with no concerns. I use it with Astra SP and Gillette Yellows with great results. Also, mine is in great nick some 60-70 years after it was produced, which reflects outstanding quality.
Yep I’m impressed with the Rocket HD too. A much smoother razor to use than the open comb and as you say, can use it quickly with confidence. Just what I was after.
Glad I didn’t get a modern razor.
What you don't yet realise that you meant to say was that you're glad that you haven't bought a modern razor yet!

There's a Rockwell 6S out there somewhere that has my name on it. And I had eyes for nothing else other than my 37c for about a year.