Newbie Pass Around

Sorry Mbarn going to have to pull out. I told the family about pass around box and they said i am getting a load of shaving stuff for Christmas.
so the box is open for anybody else .sorry again for wasting your time
First rule of shaving club is not to talk about shaving club . Glad your family are onboard with your love of shaving.

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Always. Strangely quiet right now on take-up, but normally the box is going from newbie to newbie fairly consistently, so items get used up semi often.
If you have anything you’d like to donate now or in the future, it would be gratefully received.

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Once the madness has died down at the post office, after Xmas - I'll pass on a decent selection of blades and an unused Omega boar brush. I only tend to keep stuff I use. I'd prefer a newbie makes use of them - should any turn up that would like the pass around ;)
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Hi All.
New to the forum.
Just transfered from another (shall we let it remain nameless) forum, that I didn't get on with.
Only been DE shaving for about 5-6 months.
I love it. (my wife on the other hand... Not so much... "how many brushes do you need?" )
I'm interested to know if the 'newbie box' is still on the move?
Also I'm interested to know if anyone has an adjustable DE razor they are board of...
Take care all.
Perhaps you have arrived at TSR equipped with your first shiny new razor and brush. Perhaps you are yet to start the journey. Either way, the forum discussions on seemingly endless opportunities in shaving hardware might possibly excite and daunt you in equal measure.

Well you oughtn't worry. We're a kind-hearted bunch here and, to prove that you should stick around in this forum (one of the brighter corners of the Internet), members have put together a Pass Around box of razors, different sorts of blades, soaps and creams for forum novices to experience and enjoy. Treasures inside range from Ladas DE blades from Russia to the fabled French Martin de Candre shaving soap.

All that is asked for is that the parcel is passed on in the way you would personally wish to receive it: send it on promptly, feel free to replenish stock from your own possessions, and don't pinch all of the good bits and send on your discards!

Post your interest below.

Waiting list:
  1. Stacy555
  2. Kevy
  3. Giorgio Sterlini
  4. Shavejourneybadger
  5. Al H
  6. wayne mattison
  7. oscsha
  8. RoastSessions
  9. jh83
  10. Smoo
  11. westo
  12. ajmw89
  13. Drewbie
  14. Dai Boy
  15. Looney12345
  16. Mr Bigmem
17.Bob1955 [/QUOTE