OCtober (Open Comb October)

Pre: Warm water splash,
Brush: WDC-8 Maseto 24mm 2BF
Soap: WK Lav Sublime
Razor: ATT R2
Blade: Treet Durasharp CS
Post: Cold water rinse, Myrsol Blue ASL

Myrsol Monday, Blue Monday?
Neither, the R2 was the star of the show.
Happy Shaving one and all.

Just found this thread.
Previous OCtober shaves:

Razor: Valet AutoStrop VC-1
Blade: Gem PTFE

View attachment 38779

Razor: Gillette Tuckaway
Blade: Astra SP
View attachment 38756

For such a small razor the Tuckaway is wonderfully balanced and a joy to use.

Razor: DeHaven M3
Blade: Feather Pro
View attachment 38745

Razor: Leresche 34
Blade: Polsilver Łódź
View attachment 38725

A very nice aluminium DE shave.
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