Omega's via barberia range

Hi all - hope I've put this in the correct forum.
Anyone tried the via barberia range by omega - soap, cream, balm or serum? I've searched, but there is very little out there about it. Quite like the sound of the herbae scent. Would welcome any views.
Thanks, Julian

I have the "Herbal" soap coming in soon (150gr refill puck), and I have also received three scent samples on the serum.

I have only used so far one serum sample, the "Aquae" and for the money it costs it appears to be very nice and good on post-shave application. Mind you that I have used in the past a fairly wide number of serums, from medium-priced ones to very expensive ones.

On the soap itself I will comment when it arrives. I may also order the full bottle (50ml) of the serum.
Got all three serums as samples from Gifts & Care, worked post shave as advertised, as for scents I liked Aquae best followed by Herbae, happy to finish both samples, but Fructi nah! once was enough, not a favourite of mine. Would I buy a 50 ml bottle of Aquae or Herbae serum for 16.75 Euro, nope, I am cheap, plenty of products out there that will do the job for less.
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First test lather this am with the soap. Truly excellent results for the quick palm lather performed (using a RazoRock Plissoft Barber's). For the money paid, for the 150gr of soap you get, and (that's personal) for the 1-2mm near-perfect tolerance fit in the Greek yoghurt clay bowl, this soap looks highly promising.

The Via Barberia 'serum' at the price it sells for 50ml should in reality be viewed as a gel-ish type of a well to very well performing asb. A pure serum face care product costs much more than the aforementioned for even half the said quantity.
I have Herbae and Fructi and I really like both. I'd put Herbae a little ahead. Scent of both is quite floral, not too sweet, nicely balanced, medium strength. It lathers well and is really good value. They are both in my soap rotation with the likes of SV, Wholly Kaw, Eufros and Grooming Dept. Recommended.