On Toast

I eat everything (bar insects...), but fish is one of my favourite meals. Not cheap, on the other hand... (the fresh one, I mean..)
What's wrong with insects?
Every few years I try fish again and see if anything's changed. It's definitely a reaction to one the chemicals in it, I can eat tuna from the tin but not fresh and not if it's been anything more than heated through and that's about it for fish. Fine with prawns and such. Bloody annoying really.

Up there in sardine territory, flavour-wise. I might have this for lunch, though would need to brush my teeth again before approaching work...or SWMBO.
I don't think I could ever eat Sild, as after seeing the Harry Hill sketch as I'd be laughing too much. There's no clip of it online but he was talking about his downfall was due to Sild addiction, eating several tins of it per day.


There's only one true thing to put on toast.


Well I haven't ever tried it but it's a line from a Flaming Lips song.