One of those days!

Haven't cut myself for ages, not even tiny weeper. Just decided to shower and shave and the tennis is on so I must have been rushing. Moved the razor down from under my nose and must not have lifted it clear and ended up with a half inch cut on bottom lip :( I have never cut myself this bad since day one of shaving. I was using a Ming shi futur clone with Israeli red blade. Just goes to show that you must always pay mind to what your doing! Taken me longer to stem the blood flow than to shave and shower, even the styptic pencil was struggling lol.
I had a rather awful gouge out of my chin Sunday before last. I’m still not even sure what happened. Perhaps I got complacent. Maybe I forgot to lock my wrists and forgot that DE razors don’t pivot like cartridge ones. Anyway, it bled for ages despite alum use, and is only starting to fade a week and a half on.
I'm sure you all have your favourite 'styptic' aid, but this one is sheer excellence. I'm on Warfarin, a blood thinner, and bleed profusely over the tiniest of cuts and this stuff stops it instantly. Available on Ebay, and very reasonably priced...

Another one ordered too! I’d love to pretend that I’ll hopefully never need it.....but....who am I kidding!

Thanks for sharing your find and experience!

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