Oneblade Core?

Both the Genesis and the Hybrid are Great razors. I have both and i am very happy with them.

I had the core V1 and V2. Good razors but not as good as above mentioned.

Ok they only take one blade , the FHS and those are not cheap. Although the genesis V2 can hold a modified GEM blade

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Great razor, except for upper lip; almost impossible to get a decent application under the nose. I bought the Genesis after having watched a couple of very positive reviews. What I stupidly did not take into account was that the reviewers both had moustaches and goatee beards, so the problem area, for me, did not get a mention. I have reverted to my Merkur 23C, which does not shave so closely over the rest of the beard, but which does manage the upper lip/under nose area very effectively. The Genesis is now largely redundant.