Photo of the day

Hello chaps,
I know that aside from the keen interested in shaving your whiskers off, plenty of your good selves are just as skilled with camera (be it SLR or a phone lens) as they are with their shiny little toys.
So why not share? And no, it doesn't (and IMO shouldn't) have to be shave related. Just post a nice shot you have taken today, and share the joy with community. A little story to go with it will make the things even more interesting.
Let me know what you think, and let's get this started!

And to kick it off, here's this.
Went to a beautiful city of Lviv this weekend, to celebrate a little anniversary. During a morning stroll on my way to the High Castle saw this image, which in my opinion fully encompasses the atmosphere of the old city.
Taken with D60, post processed in Instagram (yeeeeah, I knoowww..).